Bountiful Baskets – Recipe Roundup 2/20/16

This week’s basket is so colorful! I love the shades of green – the dark green zucchini and cucumbers, the medium shades in the leeks, and the lighter greens in the lettuces and bok choy. Even a “hidden” green with that pale honeydew snuck in the middle. Such a great variety! And then some pops of colors with the vibrant sunny oranges and the ruby red radishes.

Bountiful Basket 2/20/16
Bountiful Basket 2/20/16

So without further ado, below are a sampling of recipes featuring these fresh ingredients. Remember, I haven’t tried all of these – I’ve just been scouring the web (and Pinterest) for healthy, delicious-sounding recipes to spark your culinary creativity!

Bountiful Basket 2/20/16 Recipe Roundup

Bok choy salad with Asian vinaigrette –

Thai coconut soup with bok choy and mushrooms –

Zucchini jicama latkes –

Honeydew cucumber salad –

Dilled cucumber radish salad –

Crispy roasted radishes –

Julia Child’s potato-leek soup –

Leek and potato cakes –

Leek, potato, and goat cheese tarte-tatin –


Bountiful Baskets – Our Family’s Answer to Affordable, Delicious Produce

At 5:30am – on a Saturday morning – I wake our sleepy tousle-headed five-year-old.

“Ryan, wake up. Do you know what day it is?”

Even in his half-awake eye-rubbing state, he doesn’t hesitate. “It’s basket day!” he squeals in delight. If only he was this excited on school days!

We discovered Bountiful Baskets almost two years ago, and our life has never been the same. Continue reading “Bountiful Baskets – Our Family’s Answer to Affordable, Delicious Produce”